The German Navy is bringing the Lockheed P-3C Orion MPA to the Vaasa Airshow for static display!

The P-3C Orion, known as the “flying eye” of the Navy, and belonging to Naval Air Wing 3 (“Graf Zeppelin”), will be seen in the static display at the Vaasa Airshow this summer, June 15–16, at Vaasa Airport! The P-3C Orion is designed for anti-submarine warfare, and the Mk46 torpedoes carried inside the aircraft’s fuselage allow it to engage underwater targets. The aircraft is also commonly used for long-range reconnaissance.

The aircraft is filled with cutting-edge technology, including radar, a laser rangefinder, and the MX-20HD infrared video camera. Additionally, the P-3C uses sonar buoys, which can perform passive listening and active sonar wave transmission to detect submarines. The aircraft’s tail is equipped with a magnetic anomaly detector, giving the aircraft the ability to detect submarines based on anomalies in the magnetic field.

The crew of the aircraft is also highly trained. The crew includes at least 11 soldiers, consisting of pilots, operators monitoring above and below the water surface, flight mechanics, and a navigation officer, among others.