Vaasa Airshow 2024 – The Organization

The people

Key people in our organization have strong background in military, commercial and civil aviation, as well as from the business world. The display office has been organizing annual main airshows of Finland between 2010 and 2023, and several airshows abroad.

Finnish Aeronautical Association (FAA)

Finnish Aeronautical Association (FAA) (Suomen Ilmailuliitto – SIL, in Finnish) is the national non-profit and central organization of sport and leisure aviation in Finland. Via FAA member clubs (flying, skydiving, models etc.) many people start their aviation career or aviation hobby.

Our mission

At airshows, aviation is promoted to all, especially to young people. Many pilots, technicians, another people in Finnish AF or Finnair have started their aviation career via FAA member clubs or airshows.

Vaasa Flying Club

We are a non-profit organisation

Vaasa Flying Club, a member organization of the FAA, is also a non-profit organization. The airshow organization is mostly based on volunteers. Possible profit from the airshow will be used solely to support FAA and Vaasa Flying Club activities to keep and bring more people to aviation, especially young people, and to maintain appropriate planes and equipment for this task.