Where can I buy tickets to the show? 

Our partners in ticket sales are Studio Ticket and NetTicket. Tickets can be bought online and at service points. A limited number of tickets can also be purchased at the gates of the event area. Buy in advance here

What does the regular day ticket (not VIP) for the airshow include?

With the ticket, you can enter the exhibition area once on the day of your choice (Saturday or Sunday). Please note that you cannot leave the area and come back. Access to the airshow, static display and exhibition are included in the ticket. 

Is it possible to cancel or return a purchased ticket?

Unfortunately, the purchased ticket cannot be returned. Normal tickets are not named. 

Can the entrance ticket be paid with a cultural benefit (Smartum, ePassi, Edenred, etc.)?

You can pay in the online store and ticket offices with the cultural benefits. Check the available options on the pages of Studio Ticketin and NetTicketin. Payment cards and cash are accepted at the gates of the event.

Does an escort get into the show for free?

With an official A-disability card, the escort gets in for free when the assisted person buys a ticket.

Can spotter passess be purchased?

Photography/spotter passes can be purchased and will be published during the spring of 2024. Follow the event’s Facebook and Instagram pages.. 


How do I get to the air show venue?

See arrival non our website. 

How can I park as close as possible to the airshow area?

At our event, remote parking is organized in the Runsor industrial area, from where the non-stop bus transport included in the parking ticket (€10/car) runs to and from the area.

However, IF you want to park as close as possible to the airshow area, you can purchase a VIP parking ticket separately (€37.50/car). The VIP parking lot is located in the immediate vicinity of the airshow area, and those arriving through it have their own entrance to the area. The VIP parking ticket does not require the purchase of a VIP entrance ticket, but can be purchased with a normal entrance ticket. 

Can I arrive at the event with my own airplane?

Unfortunately, you cannot arrive at the airshow with your own plane due to the lack of parking space. In addition, this would require fuel service and people to control the parking of aircraft and the transfer of pilots to the display area. 

Is separate parking for the disabled organized at the event?

Yes it is. Arrival instructions will be published during spring 2024 on the arrival page. 

Is there a dedicated parking area for motorcycles at the event?

Yes there is. Arrival instructions will be published during spring 2024 on the arrival page. 


Can strollers be brought to the show?


Can I bring my own travel/pick-nick chair to the show?


What if my child gets lost in the event area or I encounter a lost child?

The air show area has a lot of audience, aircraft on display, demonstration tents, etc. In addition to this, there is a lot of noise during the air shows, so children can possibly get lost from their guardians in the area. Lost children should be directed to the INFO tent, whose staff will take care of them and provide the lost information to the show announcer. It is also good to tell the child in advance that if he gets lost he has to go to the INFO tent.

Can I take photos at the airshow?

At the Vaasa Airshow, you can take photos and videos and share photos on social media. Filming for your own use is allowed and desirable. Filming for commercial purposes must be agreed separately with the organizer.

Can I fly my drone in the event area or close to it?

It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED TO FLY DRONES in the area! Airspace restrictions will be activated for the entire duration of the show.

Can animals be brought into the airshow area?

Animals are not allowed in the airshow area. 

Can the display program or schedule change?

The display program is flown according to the published schedule, but changes may be caused by e.g. technical problems, commercial traffic, official flights or weather conditions. However, we reserve the right to make changes to the program.