Army’s Aviation

Did you know that in addition to the Air Force, the Finnish Defence Forces also have aviation operations in the Army? The Army’s aviation will be showcased at Vaasa Airshow in mid-June, as the transport helicopter NH90 TTH (Tactical Transport Helicopter) and the light helicopter Hughes MD500 take over the display line with their impressive flying performances!


The NH90 TTH, which carries the military designation NH, is extensively used by the Finnish Defence Forces for various tasks including rapid troop and material transport, as well as surveillance and reconnaissance missions. These helicopters can operate regardless of weather and lighting conditions, enabling support for other authorities in tasks such as search and rescue and firefighting. The helicopters were taken into use in the Finnish Defence Forces in 2008, and the assembly was carried out by the defence industry company Patria.

Picture: Kari Tuomi


The American light helicopter MD500 is used by the Defence Forces not only for personnel transport but also for training and reconnaissance flights. The MD500 is also suitable for cooperation with authorities, for example in search missions. The helicopters carry the military designator HH and were taken into use in the Defence Forces in 1975, so this year marks almost half a century since their introduction! Throughout their lifecycle, the helicopters have undergone extensive upgrades, enabling them to be used, for example, in training for modern instrument approach procedures.

Picture: Kari Tuomi