Hear the radial engine rumble as the YAK-11 performs at Vaasa Airshow! 

The Yak-11 was designed as an advanced trainer based on the successful single seat Yak-3 from 1944. It first flew in 1945 powered by a Shvetsov ASh-21 seven-cylinder 21 litre 700 hp radial engine. A total of approximately 4000 were built, with an additional 700 constructed in Czechoslovakia. It was used in all the Soviet bloc (Warsaw pact) countries including Ukraine, and exported to an additional 18 air forces.

 Max speed for the Yak-11 is 324 knots (600 km/h). There are around 20 still flying in Europe, plus highly modified ones used as Reno racers in the USA. OH-YII is a Czech built C11, exported as new to Egypt in 1955. It was recovered from an airport dump along with 40+ others in 1982 by Frenchman Jean Salis, and restored in France and England. Purchased in England by Phil Lawton in 2014 and repainted in the present colour scheme based on a 1965 display aircraft. Phil is uneasy about displaying the plane with Russian markings given the current situation, so red stars have been covered and the tail insignia of the Ukrainian Air Force applied. This airplane is really amazing live with its great sounds and high speed!