The Finnish Border Guard

The Finnish Border Guard will display the Dornier and the Super Puma in the air!

the Border Guard’s equipment will also be seen in the air, as the Dornier 228 surveillance aircraft, which will soon be replaced by a new multi-engine plane, arrives from Turku to perform at the Vaasa Airshow! The Dornier 228’s duties include border surveillance and monitoring and combating oil spills. Its equipment includes a UV/IR scanner, maritime surveillance radar, SLAR side-looking radar, and AIS (Automatic Identification System). With a speed of 400 km/h and a range of 1400 km, this aircraft is truly impressive.

© Geert Van de Put

The AS332-H215 Super Puma helicopter is a twin-engine, medium-heavy helicopter, primarily used for border surveillance, sea rescue, and rescue and medical transport in maritime areas. The Super Puma can also be widely used in various support tasks for different authorities. The recently updated Super Puma fleet can operate safely in almost all weather conditions throughout the year.