Jetflite will bring the gem of its fleet, the Gulfstream 150 OH-WIL, for static display!

Jetflite is a Finnish business aviation company that provides customized flights for its clients. Among the fleet of smaller and larger jets, the spotlight at Vaasa Airshow is on the popular mid-sized business aircraft: the Gulfstream G150.

The G150 offers an excellent experience for groups of up to 7 passengers who want to fly quickly and cost-effectively. Combining long range at the fast speed with advanced aviation technology, the aircraft also features a spacious cabin. As with all our services, Jetflite offers flexible flight schedules and route options with the G150.

Jetflite is part of Wihuri Aviation, where Euroflite arranges flights for groups of various sizes and JetLogistics solves logistical challenges. Jetflite, Euroflite, and JetLogistics are problem-solvers of transportation industry and offer exceptional flexibility to their customers.

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