Finnish Aviation Academy will bring two planes for the dynamic display and two planes for the static display!

Finnish Aviation Academy is a vocational school operating in Pori, training professional pilots for the needs of Finnish commercial aviation.

In addition to the training of professional pilots, the school carries out commercial endeavours, such as providing training and simulator rental to commercial operators. In addition, the school offers business flights with Embraer Phenom jets.

In 2023, the Finnish Aviation Academy started helicopter pilot training after a 12-year hiatus due to the industry’s need for professional helicopter pilots. Helicopter training is mainly given at Pyhtää airfield with Robinson R44 helicopters.

Static display:

Cessna 152 (USA / France, C172 also on display)

  • Single engine general aviation aircraft / basic trainer
  • Engine: 3,8 L Lycoming O-235 air-cooled boxer-4
  • Maximum power: 108 hp
  • Maximum speed: 275 km/h
  • Maximum altitude: 4400 m
  • Maximum occupants: 2
  • Maximum take-off weight: 759 kg
  • Maximum load factor: +4,4 G / -1,76 G
  • Minimum runway requirement: Take-off: 170 m, landing: 120 m

The Cessna 152 and the four-seater 172 form the backbone of SIO’s basic training. The aircraft are simple and sturdy, able to withstand the trial and error of initial flight training. The planes are also easy to fly and fairly forgiving of mistakes. Arriving from their first theory courses, students go straight to flying these aircraft, quickly progressing to their first solo flight. After this, the training continues both with a teacher and on solo flights.

Picture: Mikko Maliniemi

Diamond 42 NG (Austria)

  • Twin-engine general aviation aircraft / instrument trainer
  • Engine: 2x 2,0 L Austro Engine E4-C water-cooled turbodiesel inline-4
  • Maximum power: 165 hp
  • Maximum speed: 348 km/h
  • Maximum altitude: 5400 m
  • Maximum occupants: 4
  • Maximum take-off weight: 1900 kg
  • Maximum load factor: +3,8 G / -2,0 G
  • Maximum range: ~ 5½ hours or 1300 km (without reserves)

After basic training, the Diamond 42 is used in multi-engine and instrument flight training. There students will learn multi-engine aircraft, how to fly in engine failure situations, and e.g. the use of retractable landing gear. Cross-country flights are common in and outside Finland, where flying with instrument flight rules is learned. This means flying without line of sight, using only the instruments and related procedures. The plane’s systems enable extensive capabilities to perform various instrument flight procedures, which provides a good foundation for future operations in commercial traffic worldwide. The school also has DA 42 simulators which are available for students’ self-practice.

Picture: Mikko Maliniemi