Finnish Aviation Academy will bring two planes for the dynamic display and two planes for the static display!

Finnish Aviation Academy is a vocational school operating in Pori, training professional pilots for the needs of Finnish commercial aviation.

In addition to the training of professional pilots, the school carries out commercial endeavours, such as providing training and simulator rental to commercial operators. In addition, the school offers business flights with Embraer Phenom jets.

In 2023, the Finnish Aviation Academy started helicopter pilot training after a 12-year hiatus due to the industry’s need for professional helicopter pilots. Helicopter training is mainly given at Pyhtää airfield with Robinson R44 helicopters.

Extra 300L (Germany)

  • Unlimited-class aerobatic aircraft
  • Engine: 8,9 L Lycoming AEIO-540 air-cooled boxer-6
  • Maximum power: 300 hp
  • Maximum speed: 407 km/h
  • Maximum altitude: 4800 m
  • Maximum occupants: 2
  • Maximum take-off weight: 950 kg
  • Maximum load factor: +10 G / -10 G
  • Maximum roll rate: 400° / sec.

The Extra 300 is used in FINAA’s upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT), which became mandatory for professional pilot training in 2019. Due to its geometric characteristics, the machine enables a wide range of learning possibilities that can be used to highlight e.g. features of passenger airliners and the plane also highlights errors made by students. Due to its structural durability, the machine also allows wide safety margins, which is essential for safety in the training environment.

Picture: Mikko Maliniemi

Embraer Phenom 100 (Brazil)

  • Light business jet
  • Engine: 2x Pratt & Whitney Canada PW617F-E jet turbofan
  • Maximum power: 7,18 kN of thrust per engine
  • Maximum speed: 509 km/h / Mach 0,70
  • Maximum altitude: 12,500 m
  • Maximum occupants: 6
  • Maximum take-off weight: 4800 kg
  • Maximum load factor: +3,72 G
  • Maximum range: ~1600 km (without reserves)

Until 2022, the Embraer Phenom was used for students’ multi-crew co-operation training. This training has since been transferred to the Airbus 320 simulator. Now the Phenom aircraft are utilized e.g. for customers’ type rating courses, business flights offered by FINAA, and calibration flights planned to start in 2025. The aircraft will undergo modification work by Patria Oy, which installs the necessary hardware. After this, the planes carry out flight calibration work, which will allow the validation and continuous operation of air navigation equipment required by Finnish air traffic nationwide.

Picture: Geert Van de Put